Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lunar Eclipse/American Idol

I was told by a friend, not only did we have the full moon and a lunar eclipse, but a blue moon too. Whatever it was, I don't think I liked it. First, when I remembered to view it I was already in my nightgown. I stepped into my furry boots and threw on my coat and went out to the front step. The moon was tinted pinkish and the shadow was partially covering it. It was a neat sight, however, barely did I have time to enjoy it when from around the corner of the house in the dark, I heard a crunching noise on the hard crusty snow. I have no idea what it was because I got back in the house as quickly as I could.

I think something about the lunar madness brought out the lunatics. Today (the day after) I found myself dealing with a couple of over-the-top irate people. I think I'm glad that the lunar eclipse won't happen again until 2010.

Let me switch gears...I wanted to make a quick comment on this year's American Idol. Tonight was the first elimination night of the top 24. I have never seen so many of the remaining contestants cry. I think because this is a year that a number of contestants are under 20, and that this is a lot for them to handle emotionally--OR maybe the lunar eclipse effected them too--we will know next week. I have a feeling the tears will be there every week. I was sad when the homeless boy and the aspiring politician didn't make it to the top 24, but the longer they stayed on the harder it would be to see them go. It's an interesting year.

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