Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Other Thing

Okay, I'll keep my promise and tell you the other thing that we do in a small post office in the boondocks (no cell service), we give directions. I hate to give directions. Some people come in clutching their precious map quest. Once I found an error in map quest. Most times the people either miss a turn or forget their left from their right. Why is that so hard to remember left from right? I would think most people could remember that they write with their right. I'm left handed, so it doesn't help me, but I don't need help.

I have had people trying to get to destinations are far as 100 miles away. Some people don't have a map at all and think that we'll have one for them--when you are lost, it's a little too late to be looking for a map. Some people go by memory. Some people do have maps, but they need to for me to be the "you are here" pointer.

I love the show the Amazing Race. I had just watched the season's final episode when this Asian couple came in and said "We need your help. It's an emergency." They were quite lost and wanted to use my computer, phone and get directions. I felt like I was helping someone in the race. I helped them the best I could--couldn't let them come behind the counter to use the computer, but could take the cordless phone to them. Also, because of their accents, I even spoke to one person for them. It turns out they were going for an interview. They told me I was their saviour and an angel. I hope God took into consideration those points.

Well, I apologize if these beginning blogs are boring. I promise they will get better and I hope to add pictures, so you all come back now, you hear?

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