Monday, February 18, 2008

A gallon of blood

That title should get someone's attention. This weekend I donated blood. George and I started giving blood about two years ago. We go as often as we can. I just reached my first gallon in total. I thought there would be some kind of fanfare or something. Nothing. :( Last time George gave without me he got a sweatshirt. My daughter gets movie tickets or something free every time she donates. Maybe my blood isn't special enough, I'm A+. Sounds good to me, but I know my husband and daughter are more valuable with their O.
Well, I don't mean to sound selfish. I don't give blood for the rewards. I am happy to help. I am a little envious that a recent time we gave blood and George's neice, Debbie was there. She hadn't given in years. I heard her exclaim to her nurse, "I didn't even feel the needle go in." Hmm...I've never had that experience. Well, it's only a little sting. I can handle it.
I got extra pokings this time too. My iron count was too low 11.2--has to be 12 something. Well, they then sent in their expert iron poker. She warmed up my fingers on my opposite hand and massaged the blood to the tip. Magically it jumped to 13.8! So, I did walk away with a bandage on two fingers and one on my arm. See, I did get something extra-plus a cookie and orange juice and a good feeling that I helped someone today.
I had an uncle that I didn't know that well, and I was surprised when he died that his obituary mentioned what a fantastic donor he was. I could never catch up to his lifetime of donations. I've started too late, but I plan on continuing this as long as I can. It's one little thing that I can do for society. I am sorry that I didn't start sooner.

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